Want to support our work?

The WakaWaka Foundation is an internationally operating non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. We work closely with the social enterprise WakaWaka who produces the WakaWakas and works with a 'Buy One, Give One'-principle: for every WakaWaka product bought in the west, the enterprise donates one WakaWaka Light to the WakaWaka Foundation. The WakaWaka Foundation is responsible for responsibly and efficiently donating WakaWaka Lights and Powers in humanitarian aid situations to generate the most impact. We work together with relief agencies to distribute the WakaWakas to families in need in crisis areas like Haiti, Syria, West-Africa, the Philippines and Nepal.


How can you help?

Com­pan­ies and in­di­vidu­als can also donate WakaWa­kas dir­ectly to the WakaWaka Found­a­tion. When a situ­ation like a weath­er dis­aster or con­flict situ­ation leads to a ma­jor hu­man­it­ari­an crisis, we will col­lect all dona­tions and send the WakaWa­kas to the ground as soon as pos­sible.

Become a part of our Sun Sharing Alliance!

Small Found­a­tions and non-profits can ap­ply to be­come a mem­ber of the WakaWaka Sun Shar­ing Al­li­ance with which they can ob­tain WakaWaka sol­ar products for a heav­ily re­duced price to help WakaWaka tar­get com­munit­ies.

new: the Waka Waka base

A Solar Power & Light Kit thats the next step in the evolution of portable solar power. This all-in-one compact solar first-aid kit converts solar energy into battery power significantly faster than any other solar charge pack on the market today.


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