Al Gore - 10 years after: the urgency and opportunities

On 4 Octobre Al Gore will be back in the Netherlands, 10 years after his book was first presented in the Netherlands. Many steps towards a carbon-free future have already been taken, but in the wake of Paris 2015 it is time to take stock; what are the needs and opportunities to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society? The event on the 4th of October aims to invigorate the debate in the Netherlands and increase the readiness to take action.

The WakaWaka Foundation will be the social partner of Inspiration360 in the inspiration event of the year. More information will be available here from the 1st of September.  


How can you help?

Com­pan­ies and in­di­vidu­als can also donate WakaWaka's dir­ectly to the WakaWaka Found­a­tion. When a situ­ation like a weath­er dis­aster or con­flict situ­ation leads to a ma­jor hu­man­it­ari­an crisis, we will col­lect all dona­tions and send WakaWaka's to the ground as soon as pos­sible. 

About the WakaWaka Foundation

The WakaWaka Found­a­tion is a sep­ar­ate or­gan­iz­a­tion from the WakaWaka so­cial en­ter­prise. The WakaWaka Found­a­tion has the Dutch AN­BI-status and a su­per­vis­ory board which meets four times a year. Learn more by click­ing the but­ton. 


Emergency Relief

The WakaWaka Foundation is responsible for monitoring the responsible and efficient donation of WakaWaka Lights and Powers in humanitarian aid situations to generate the most impact. We work together with relief agencies to distribute the WakaWakas to families in need in crisis areas like Haiti, Syria, West-Africa, the Philippines and Nepal.

Share the Sun

Next to emergency relief, the WakaWaka Foundation is committed to make long term and lasting impact to local communities. By developing innovative distribution models and payment systems, WakaWaka aims to make the same high-quality technology that is available in Western countries affordable and accessible in developing markets. Therewith providing a safe and sustainable alternative to hazardous traditional lighting sources, such as candles, kerosene and batteries. 


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