See how your purchase and donations make an impact around the world

Using light to improve health in communities

Esperance, Rwanda

Esperance is a potato farmer in Rwanda. She also works as a community health worker to help enable a healthy future for community members. “As a community health worker, it was not easy to assist with births and pregnancies after the sun has gone down. But with my WakaWaka I can perform my work in the evenings carefully.”

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WakaWaka’s for Syrian refugees
Our donated solar lamps have helped well over 400,000 Syrian refugees. They are considered to be among the ‘most valued’ non-food items.

No torches for my family anymore

Kojoki Agnes (22), Uganda

Kojoki lives in Elegu, a town in the Northern Region in Uganda.

“Before I received this solar lamp I was using a battery powered torch that uses disposable batteries. Because the solar is free of charge it has reduced my household expenditures and the money is used for buying other needs in my home.”


Salaam (9), Syria

Salaam (which means peace) and her family have fled the brutal conflicts in Syria to look for peace and happiness in Jordan. For four months they moved places in Syria, but eventually the war forced them to move to a refugee camp in Jordan.

“The WakaWaka lamp provides us with light for free. I recharge the lamp every day by putting it right into the sunlight.”

Enlighten families living in remote off-grid areas

Sahoeurn (43), Cambodia

“I am so happy I received this WakaWaka solar power. I like it that the light is small and bright. I often use it to charge my mobile phone and my son uses it for reading and studying during night time. In the morning I just put it in the sunlight and then I can use it the whole day! Fantastic!”

Saves lives in the African bush

Spelire (65), Zimbabwe

Spelire has lived for 20 years without electricity prior to receiving a WakaWaka. She was completely disconnected from the rest of the community and emergency services. She can now peacefully enjoy her evenings, knowing she can make emergency calls in case her health lets her down again.

Empower local economic activity

Lucia (51), Zambia

Lucia, like many other families within the Linda community, lives off the sales she makes at the roadside. Now that she has a solar power solution, she saves important costs, she can operate for longer hours and see her stocks more clearly.