Flonk Hotels and WakaWaka: Together for a Meaningful and Sustainable Stay

At Flonk Hotels in Groningen, they believe that everyone wants to make a difference and bring out the best in themselves. To support this, Flonk Hotels has entered into a special partnership with the WakaWaka Foundation.

When guests choose not to receive daily cleaning service during their stay, Flonk Hotels donates €5 to the WakaWaka Foundation. This money is used to support WakaWaka’s projects and improve people’s lives, while at the same time, Flonk Hotels is committed to providing a sustainable stay for its guests. Flonk Hotels has implemented various initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint, such as the use of energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, and water-saving measures. By choosing to stay at one of the Flonk Hotels in Groningen, guests automatically contribute to a more sustainable future.