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Is WakaWaka nonprofit or for-profit?

Neither and both. WakaWaka is a “social enterprise.” That means we are for impact: a social organisation that works to abolish energy poverty throughout the world. We are positioned between the traditional private and public sectors. In a legal sense, WakaWaka consists of both a foundation and a company. In more developed economies, WakaWaka operates as a business and proceeds from the sale of WakaWaka products at competitive prices make solar lights and chargers available for free to communities caught in crisis situations where access to save light and power can mean the difference between life and death. Outside of humanitarian emergencies and in less developed economies, we develop sustainable business models that serve the local community. These include subsidized pricing, lease-to-own methods or micro-finance programs.

Social venture, sustainable enterprise, benefit corporation; There are many ways to describe how WakaWaka works. We believe that the combination of business and aid is the most effective way to generate real impact. We have committed ourselves to harnessing the power of business for social good. The entire WakaWaka team works for this cause and strongly believes that our business model is the way that will allow us to have the biggest impact.