WakaWaka wins the Energy Globe Award 2020

2020 is already a memorable year for WakaWaka! Not only is it our 10-year anniversary. But 2020 is also the year that WakaWaka has won the Energy Globe Award, one of the most prestigious environmental prizes. This award was given to WakaWaka for its efforts in developing an innovative model in the form of Solar Libraries in Rwanda, Africa.

The Energy Globe Award is given to projects which conserve and protect resources or that employ renewable energy. The projects awarded with an Energy Globe Award are concerned with saving the environment and employ this by personal actionand sustainable campaigns for raising awareness in sustainability [1]. Last year the Energy Globe Award was one of the key players in “the signing of declaration of intent on the promotion and implementation of the Circular Economy as the basis for successful, sustainable cooperation between business, consumers and politics” [2].

Solar Libraries give Children in Rwanda a better future

WakaWaka has been awarded the national winner of Rwanda with the project Solar Libraries [3]. Our innovative model of Solar Libraries, where we donate solar lights to schools, who in turn lend these to students, just like books. And at the end of the year both books and lights are returned to the school. Students can do their homework in the evening with much higher school grades as a result. Nelson Mandela once said “The best weapon against poverty is education” [4]. With better school results, students have much better future perspectives. Thanks to the WakaWaka study lights, families can save a significant amount of money on their energy expenses right away. Do you want to help us to make it possible to invest in more project like the Solar Libraries in Rwanda? Donate now to our foundation!

Chewing gum recycling

Alongside WakaWaka there are other interesting winners. Among the winners is a chewing gum recycling company (national winner UK), where they place chewing gum bins in public places and consequently recycle the gum to make rubber and plastics goods out of it. Another winner is a company offering a service for piped water in Bangladesh, making it possible for poor and middle-income families to get access to clean water which reduces the spread of diseases. The third example of a winner is a non-profit organization (national winner Guatemala) that focuses at teaching young girls’ skills regarding environmental practices. Girls learn gardening and are able to share their skills with the community. The main goal is for girls to develop economic autonomy and lifelong learning skills.


We as WakaWaka are proud and honored to be awarded with the Energy Globe Award together with these great initiatives. According to the organizationof the Energy Globe Award “there are many great implemented solutions to most of our environmental problems available” [5]. It is their goal to increase awareness for the importance of these projects. With this statement we asWakaWaka fully agree. There are already so many great sustainable solutions that have a great impact on people all around the world, yet so little is known about these solutions.

We will continue

In the meanwhile, we will continue to spread the light, to make it possible for a student to get access to light without having to worry about it being

toxic, expensive or unsafe. Our latest project is called ‘Light up a Nation’, where we will light up an entire nation. We will let you know more about this soon. Can’t wait and do you already want to help us with spreading the light? Go to our website for more information on how to help.


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