While we still have a few weeks of nice weather ahead of us, a camping trip should definitely be on your agenda. Studies show that it improves your mental and physical state, reduces stress and well, simply perks you up!

It is also a great way to reduce your holiday carbon footprint while reconnecting with nature and enjoying genuine freedom.

Camping is actually one of the lowest carbon accommodation options. Two people going on a 10-day trip at 1,000 km from their house will emit 1,65 tons of CO2 if they fly there, rent a hotel room and a car. They will emit less than half of it if they drive there with their folding camping trailer [1]. Now imagine the emissions saved if they travel by public transport and stay in a tent…

Even so it does not necessarily mean lowering your comfort standards. Camping gears are getting more and more sophisticated, light, convenient and fine-looking.

But who has never run out of power while camping and really missed not being able to take pictures, share one’s great hiking achievement on social media or simply check the standout holiday program details you spent hours planning on your tablet?

You will not run into this problem again if you go for a solar-powered camping trip. Not only it will enable you to be entirely independent wherever you wish to journey around, but it will also significantly bump up your camping experience as well as maximize your positive ecological impact.

Here’s how to enjoy a 100% wireless outdoor stay wherever you wish to pitch your tent.

On top of your shopping list should appear a solar power supply. It is obviously the best solution to keep your phone, tablet or action-cam up and running during your getaway. You’ll probably appreciate a short digital detox, but it’s always pleasant to have a fully loaded phone without having to wait in line in the camping bathroom to charge your phone.

The right device will also prevent you from sitting in the dark once the sun is down. Solar powered chargers with a solar flashlight can be hanged in your tent to brighten the room or laid on the ground to light up the woods until late in the night, whilst keeping your phone and speakers charged up to play some music around the campfire.

If you’re looking for extra comfort, go for a device with multiple USB entry ports to be able to plug all the gadgets you want at the same time (smartwatch, camera, speakers, e-reader, etc.)

The days of worrying how to get power when going camping are over. With a solar-powered charger you can get all the (clean!) energy you need wherever your next adventure is awaiting you.

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