WakaWaka Strategie

WakaWaka is a socially responsible brand on a mission to end energy poverty before 2030. These WakaWaka products are safe, sustainable and self-sufficient energy-solutions, which are useful in both Western and non-Western countries. Off-Grid Solutions is the producer of the WakaWaka products.

WakaWaka B.V.

WakaWaka B.V. is a company with a sustainable, for profit model. The company sells everywhere in the world WakaWaka products, serving almost the entire world population. Of course WakaWaka B.V. sees and understands the (financial) limitations for some people to buy WakaWaka products. The strategy ofWakaWaka B.V., in making WakaWakas available for everybody, is twofold.

  • Through Buy One Give One campaigns, money is raised to donate lights to the dark and often forgotten places in the world. By buying a product, a product is donated to a family in need. In Haiti, Syria and the Philippines WakaWaka products have been distributed to families who are victims of natural disasters or humanitarian crises.
  • The price of a WakaWaka in the Western countries makes it possible for WakaWakas to be provided at more affordable rates for customers who don’t have access to electricity in developing countries. Because of this ‘Robin Hood pricing’ a WakaWaka is made available to people living in extreme poverty for a price that they can afford. Western customers help us subsidize light and power there where it is most needed.

The WakaWaka Foundation

There are approximately 1.2 billion people in the world living from less than $2 a day, at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ or below the poverty line. These people are the people that the WakaWaka Foundation serves with WakaWaka products. The WakaWaka Foundation works closely together with other organization to; support international organizations in crisis situations and humanitarian disaster zones, provide small loans and training to women who would like to become micro-entrepreneurs, provide people living in extreme poverty with WakaWaka products at greatly reduced rates and educate people at the bottom of the pyramid about the benefits and importance of sustainable living. 

Off-Grid Solutions has helped the WakaWaka Foundation in the start-up of the foundation, by paying for all expenses. On top of that, Off-Grid Solutions donates 10% of the yearly profit to the WakaWaka Foundation

Together, we can bring light to all the dark and forgotten corners of the world. WakaWaka’s Impact Map illustrates the difference we have already made in emerging markets, and at the same time that much more light is still needed. If you want to contribute in achieving our shared goal to end energy-poverty during our lifetime, you can simply buy a WakaWaka and automatically donate one to a family in need. 

Thanks to your help, we can light up the world!