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Impact map

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Our Impact map shows a large selection of where our WakaWaka's have found their beneficiaries in areas disconnected from electricity all over the world. Some are purchased by our off-grid customers, others are co-financed by our community of Agents of Light, customers, donors and emergency relief agencies. 
Thanks to this combined effort survivors of natural disasters in Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines; families displaced by war and strife; and many others are able to tap into the power of the sun for light and power through the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.

Selecting a particular site shows you where WakaWakas are being used, in addition to photos, videos and stories about how they are affecting people’s lives every single day.

Selecting a specific country shows you the part of the population that lives off-grid, what they spent on monthly energy needs and how transitioning to off-grid power and light would impact their lives.




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