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WakaWaka Solar Link


The Solar Link doesn’t have a battery. Connect the WakaWaka Solar Panel to the WakaWaka Solar Link. Connect one or two devices to the USB ports. If the sun is shining it will automatically detect your devices and switch on the power. You now can charge a WakaWaka Power+ too with a greater charging capacity than the integrated solar panel of the Power+! Use a WakaWaka micro-USB or a WakaWaka lightning charging cable to charge your device.

The Solar Link has 2 USB connectors with 2.1A output, max. Charging two devices, the output of the Solar Panel will be divided between the two devices connected. Charging times may vary accordingly.
Use a WakaWaka micro-USB or a WakaWaka lightning charging cable to charge your device.


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Share the sun

1.2 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. WakaWaka is an impact driven, social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty throughout the world.

For every WakaWaka solar light or charger that’s purchased, one WakaWaka Light is donated to leading humanitarian aid organization The International Rescue Committee who make sure they are provided to the families that need them most. In each WakaWaka Power+ and WakaWaka Light retail package, is a unique Give Code, which allows you to select where in the world you would like your Give One contribution to go.

Check out our Impact Map to see where WakaWakas are being used around the world in developing countries.

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WakaWaka Solar Link