What is the WakaWaka collection?

The WakaWaka Power+ is a powerful, compact solar power bank and flashlight for every outdoor situation. You can charge it under the sun or via the grid.

The WakaWaka Light is a compact, highly efficient solar powered flashlight. Just position it under the sun and press the button to light up the darkness!

The WakaWaka Solar Panel is a powerful, foldable solar charge station. Its dual USB ports let you charge two devices at once. If you want to store the energy for later, combine it with one of our power banks.

The WakaWaka Power 5 is an efficient electrical power bank. Charge it via the grid and take it with you everywhere you go or link it to the Solar Panel to charge it with clean sustainable energy you can store and use when you want.

The WakaWaka Power10 functions as the Power5 but it is even more powerful! It has enough juice to charge a typical smartphone up to 5 times.

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