Solar panel and power bank

WakaWaka Solar Panel + Power 5 [Out of stock]


Go further, go longer

The WakaWaka Solar Panel + Power 5 is a powerful, foldable solar panel and Class A power bank in one.

Take it on all your outdoor trips and charge up to five devices at once. Bring all your gadgets and connect them anywhere. Plus know that with every purchase, you help someone in need access clean energy anywhere in the world. 

Solar Panel 10W / 22% efficient solar cell

Output Solar Panel 14,5V nominal

Weight Solar Panel 698 grams

Dimensions Solar Panel 685 x 165 mm extended

Battery 5,000 mAh LiPo

Average smartphone charge 2.5 x

Connectors Power 5 USB power in 2.1A | 3 x USB out 2.1A

Weight Power 5 200 grams

Dimensions Power 5 122 x 80 x 18 mm

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Charge and store power straight from the sun

Harness the sun's energy with four ultra-efficient solar panels. Link the Power 5 to the Solar Panel and charge your power bank with clean sustainable energy you can store and use when you want.

Charge multiple devices at once

Going outdoors but want to stay connected? Don’t choose which devices to charge first - charge them all via 5 USB ports and stop your devices becoming a deadweight in your pack.

Charge your devices fast

Never run out of power. With the fast-charge USB ports on the Power 5, you can charge your smartphone, smartwatch, action cam and more at grid speed, in under 2 hours.

Charge endlessly

The sun is an endless source of power. Place your WakaWaka Solar Panel facing the sun and simultaneously charge your devices thanks to its 10 Watt.

Take it anywhere

Simply fold the Solar Panel to a compact, convenient size. Both the Power 5 and the Solar Panel are light and easy to carry.

Preserve the environment

Go solar and help take care of our planet. Solar energy is clean, emission-free and environmentally friendly.

Built for the outdoors

Withstand any adventure thanks to the rugged, scratchproof and splashproof design. WakaWaka products use high impact and temperature-resistant materials to avoid overheating.


Thanks to your purchase, you are helping spread energy access around the world.

Because every time you buy a WakaWaka product*, you support in giving a solar light to someone without electricity access.

*accessories not included.


Download the WakaWaka Solar Panel and Power 5 manual.

Download manual