Give the gift of LIGHT

                      It’s there at home with family
          As you hang ornaments on the Christmas tree
               As you sip cocoa and frolic in the snow
             No matter where in the world you may be
      The comfort of light follows wherever you may go.


               It’s there when you’re holiday shopping
         As you choose gifts for the ones you hold dear
           As they’re unwrapped with joyful anticipation
                         No matter how far or near
     Light allows you to cherish those smiles of appreciation.  


                      It’s there through thick and thin
                  As you work hard during the holidays
       As you travel for hours to see family by plane or car
No matter the ups and downs you encounter along the way
      Light helps you shine brighter than a Christmas star.


                   Sometimes, we take light for granted
               It’s always there when we’re most in need
              But, there are thousands who live without it
                 With no electricity to work, write or read.


               This season give loved ones the gift of LIGHT
                A Christmas gift that shines bright and bold
                 WakaWaka. Safe, Sustainable Solar for all.


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