Our 10 crowdfunding campaign is LIVE

We are elated to announce that our 10th crowdfunding campaign is LIVE! It’s time to celebrate, because every celebration begins with a story, and our story begins with you. Now you can become a vital shareholder of WakaWaka and together, we can continue to impact the world by sharing the sun!

As you know, we are in the midst of our 10th crowdfunding campaign. Your dedicated support has provided reliable and sustainable lighting for a refugee child living with uncertainty in a tent, to a mother in Nepal cooking for her children in the aftermath of an earthquake and to thousands of others across the globe who have no access to electricity. Because our success depends on YOU, we would like nothing more than to continue changing lives together. By advocating our new campaign, you allow families the golden opportunity to continue to work, study and most importantly LIVE, once the sun has set and the moon has risen.


This exceptional campaign gives you the chance to become a shareholder in WakaWaka’s success! Invest into what we call “Return on Impact”. Invest in the success of our mission to illuminate the world. For more information and to help WakaWaka tackle future milestones, please check our page at OPC by clicking here >> 


We look forward to spreading the light even further with your support!