What our 10th crowdfunding campaign is bringing us

As you know, we are in the midst of our 10th crowdfunding campaign and we are elated to give you an update. Thanks to 486 new investors our crowdfunding campaign has already accomplished 176% of its funding goal. Fantastic news! 

What is the impact?

Thanks to the outstanding support of these investors, we can now start developing an accessory line. This has long been something we really would like to add to our product range. As you might know, the 100% waterproof pouch for the WakaWaka Power+ is already available in our web shop. Thanks to the 486 new investors, a dedicated World Charger and USB Charging Cable Set will soon follow. Adding these new WakaWaka ‘Essentials’ will help us take up more shelf space in retail stores. As a direct result, we will gain more visibility to align our WakaWaka products.

To improve our distributors’ sales, we now focus on building an even more solid distribution network, serving the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US even better. We already started preparing this distribution expansion by talking with new retailers. Last week, we heard that the negotiations with a Dutch mobile phone retailer, are now finalized. Our WakaWaka products will soon be sold in 64 of their stores. Whoop Whoop!! If this proves a success, more stores will follow. In the US we are currently filling in the paperwork for a retailer with over 550 stores! We expect the first WakaWakas to hit their stores by the spring of 2017.


“I invest in WakaWaka because it is an investment with impact. Their story checks out, they have an excellent business case, a solid team, and they’ve outgrown the start-up phase.” (Jan-Jurgen Snepvangers


New era, new products

With less than two weeks to go, our stretch goal of one million euros is just around the corner. Achieving this magnificent target enables us to start distributing our products to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The additional funding will be used to promote WakaWaka at new retailers that we are currently approaching. In addition, we will have more budget for product development, so once we reach this goal, you may expect new additions to the WakaWaka product family!

This campaign gives you the chance to become a shareholder of WakaWaka and to invest in the success of our mission to illuminate the world. You still have time to invest! http://bit.ly/2fSkH17


Wherever life takes you, #SharetheSun.