A Big Thank You From Nepal!

Nearly two months after the mammoth 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal, large parts of the country remain submerged into darkness. Even before the earthquake, 66% of the inhabitants of rural Nepal lived off-grid. Now, millions of Nepalis are preparing to enter a third month without access to critical light and power. Light and power is now even more important than ever, because it is critical for survivors to find their loved ones and to improve emergency response teams their work.

In the crucial weeks following the earthquake, WakaWaka’s Agents of Light from across the globe rose to the aid of our global community. In a tremendous response, more than 17,000 WakaWakas have been raised so far, for Nepal to provide essential light and power to those affected by the disaster. We are collaborating with international and local organizations on the ground to assess the needs for additional solar lights and chargers.

8000 WakaWaka Lights have been donated by the WakaWaka community, consisting of individuals and customers from all over the world.
5000 Powers have been donated by the WakaWaka community. It is great to see that businesses are taking their responsibility and are giving the people that live in the dark a spark of hope.
And 4000 WakaWaka Powers have been procured by various aid agencies.

Thank you, dear Agents of Light, for your devoted and selfless service to those in need. Your efforts have provided Nepalis, who are facing a long and uncertain journey ahead, glimmers of light and hope. It is still possible to donate but we are ending campaign efforts.