An Update from Rwanda


 In the first month of 2015, over 300 WakaWaka Virtual Grid units and 4500 scratch cards have been purchased by off-grid users in three rural districts!


The ‘Bonanza events’ concluded the promotional campaigns by having three large events in each district, the events were closed by local Rwandan hip-hop star Jay-Polly! 
The events rewarded early adopters of WakaWaka’s by handing out prizes (such as WakaWaka branded bikes and mattresses) to WakaWaka clients.



Over 100 local WakaWaka dealers have now been activated. Selling both WakaWaka Virtual Grid units and the scratch cards needed for weekly activation.


Below you’ll find the story of proud new WakaWaka owner Emmanuel. Keep an eye on the WakaWaka Rwanda website for more in depth stories on WakaWaka users and resellers, the launch of WakaWaka’s new and innovative marketing campaign and the opening of the new office in Kigali!

Emmanuel Nyamirama is a veterinarian from the Kamonyi district in Rwanda. He bought his WakaWaka at the Bonanza event and plans to use it at home, to charge the family phones, for the bright light and for his work. He makes a lot of house calls and is called to the farms where the sick cows are, including at night. At home Emmanuel has no electricity, so he used to use candles for light at night, and every day they he had to travel long distances and pay money to charge the family phones in shops with electricity.  “I bought this [WakaWaka] instead of electricity because electricity requires more installation and it is very expensive; this unit is less expensive and easier to install and set up than electricity”

The ‘Virtual Grid’ works with prepaid solar powered WakaWakas that are activated by weekly payments, much like a prepaid mobile phone. Click on one of the videos above to learn more!