IRC Rescue Gift: WakaWaka

In places like Iraq and Syria, where millions are fleeing violence, families often have no access to electricity. The IRC provides WakaWakas, our innovative solar lamp and charger, to families caught in crisis so they can move safely after darkness falls and charge their phones to connect with their loved ones elsewhere. $25 can supply a WakaWaka to help ensure families are protected through the night. 




The Rescue Gifts items in this catalog represent many of the programs, projects and tools that compose the IRC’s work every day around the world. Allowing us to deliver comprehensive and holistic help to uprooted people, your gift will be used where and when most needed. And, when combined with those of other donors, your Rescue Gift becomes a powerful means to survival, recovery, and the restoration of dignity and self-reliance for those uprooted by conflict or natural disaster.