2445 WakaWakas voor Gunjur

The past months Trust Agency for Rural Development (TARUD) has distributed 2445 WakaWaka Powers at 4 different schools to children in Gunjur, the Gambia.

The recipients of the WakaWakas paid an amount equal to €2. This money will be used to install a solar power system for the Local Health Centre, purchase three maternity delivery beds, rehabilitate the electrical system at the health center wards will, and to buy a new battery for the center’s ambulance.

The WakaWakas are very popular in Gunjur and the distributors were barely able to to rest during the first distribution days, due to all the calls with WakaWaka requests.

Hopefully we will soon be able to light up all of Gunjur and maybe even all of the Gambia!