Solar for Iraqi refugees

Thanks to The International Rescue Committee (IRC) crisis aid is given to Iraqi refugees: a 1000 WakaWakas have been handed out to Yazidi’s in the Newroz camp. This gives the refugees a little light in the complete darkness at night. Next to this, they are able to charge their phones and therefore can communicate with their families in these critical times. In total over 3500 WakaWakas have been shipped to Northen Iraq.

CEO Maurits Groen was being interviewed on the Belgian news show Terzake, to emphasize the importance of not only food and water, but also shelter and safety (Dutch video). Belgian newspaper De Standaard dedicated a wonderful article to WakaWaka’s Iraqi crisis aid.


Tineke Ceelen from the Dutch refugee organization Stichting Vluchteling tweetet about the goods that were handed out to help the Iraqi refugees.

‘Yazidi’s are provided with soap, towels, clothes and also @WakaWakaLight, to make sure their phones can be charged again.’