South African cricket heroes support WakaWaka

The south-african company In2Brands has launched the ‘Swith to Portable Solar Power’ campaign which is aimed at offering innovative safe and effective portable power solutions. They want to bring power to Africa end empower its people through the provision of low cost power solutions. In a collaboration with WakaWaka, In2Brands aims at bringing WakaWaka products to the 10 milllion south-african people that still live off-grid.

“It’s a harsh reality that as many as 10 million South Africans are not connected to any form of electricity,” says Kallis. “Together with the constant fear of Eskom power cuts and load shedding affecting business and communities alike, portable solar power brings with it the promise of eradicating energy poverty and providing a better quality of life for all,” he continues.

The Kallis and Steyn endorsement will see both personalities involved in raising awareness for and promoting the benefits of portable solar power across business, lifestyle and community initiatives.

“Life as we know it cannot survive and flourish without access to sustainable power,” says Steyn. “We are excited and proud to be involved in an initiative which seeks to eradicate this shortfall across not only South Africa, but the greater African continent as well.”