NIMA Awards Finalist

Our primarily paperless campaigns have taken us all over the world in 2013. We aim to do more than good with these campaigns. We want to make a long-term impact on people’s lives, enabling them to study, to work longer and to be safe and healthy by providing them with something that is so normal to us, light and power. 

Experience has taught us that the most powerful tool to raise the funds for donating lights to the dark and often forgotten places in the world is through a revamped BOGO offer: ‘Buy One – Give One’. Through our successful crowdfunding effort to develop the WakaWaka Power, the Buy One, Give One offer was up to 100 times more effective in delivering products to Haiti than requesting product donations. This, together with our Robin Hood pricing, where customers in developed countries help us subsidize light and power where it is most needed.

A look back:

It started with the crowdfunding campaign that ended on January 12, 2013, where we raised more than 10x our goal and were able to send 12 000 Lights to Haiti. These lights arrived in October and have been changing lives since. 

In August we launched the Impact Map, providing our worldwide community with utmost transparency and the ability to see where the WakaWaka products went and how they’re helping. 

At the beginning of November, due to the tragedy caused by Typhoon Haiyan, WakaWaka was able to help survivors and emergency rescue workers with the support of many donors and international NGOs. 

Tomorrow, on December 13, our final campaign of the year will be launched: Solar For Syria. Not only do the Syrian refugees need shelter, blankets and food, they also require safe lighting in the encampments and the possibility to charge their mobile phones to contact loved ones.

Marketing is about being different, about taking risks and about jumping into the deep end, while upgrading and improving the product lifecycle at the same time. Keep coming back to find out more about the upcoming campaigns in 2014, and please let us know if you have something to contribute.