Eye for an Eye? Reconciliation!

‘We were travelling in a group. Arriving on the border the army discovered us and started shooting. I threw myself over my children on the ground covering their heads with my arms. Yet for Ali it was too late. A bullet flew right through his skull. The Free Syrian Army brought Ali to a hospital and we were taken into prison by the Syrian army. After a few days they somehow released us and we started looking for Ali. As soon we found him we travelled to Amman as an operation for Ali was imminent. He still is limping with his right leg. I am glad that he recovers so well, only we have to wait till we all will be able to go home back to Syria. All this war leads to nothing. An eye for an eye will bring us more losses. As we say: Illee yagaf min al báa yatláalu. What you fear you will create. The only way to come out of this vicious circle of violence is by a peaceful way of praying and dialogue, musallah.’

Esseline van de Sande