Partnership Propositions

There is a place for everyone in our global WakaWaka community, no matter how much time you have or where your talents lie. Countless people volunteer their time, means, network and talents to the WakaWaka mission. One of the reasons why the WakaWaka community is so vibrant is that we believe in trust, equality and empowering people. That makes working together such a gratifying and happy experience. We truly believe that we have the opportunity to shape history together with you.

There are several ways to join and contribute to the WakaWaka Foundation. Whether you want to join as an individual, with a company, club or school or your organization; you are very welcome! We are very interested in exploring how we can connect with your business or organization on the region or issues that you are passionate about. 


Many members from the WakaWaka community start their own fundraising activity for the WakaWaka mission. We have seen many great examples already: organizing a school market, extreme challenges, donating gift money from an anniversary party, cycling from Alaska to Argentinaorganizing a fundraising party or a charity concert, selling a children’s book  etc.


The WakaWaka mission touches on a multitude of issues like sustainability, emancipation, health, microfinance, emergency aid, etc. We are committed to working together with the expert organizations in every field. We believe that a holistic and interconnected approach is the only route to light up the lives of the 1,3 billion people living off-grid. We are lucky to have formed such gratifying and successful partnerships with local and international NGO’s. Let’s explore how the ideals of your non-profit touch the WakaWaka mission and how we can learn and benefit from each other.  



For companies there are several ways of contributing to the WakaWaka Foundation; through a company commitment, foundation partnership, or as a founding partner. You can read all about these ways to contribute in our partnership proposal folder. Download the partnership proposals folder here!

Do you want to become a WakaWaka Foundation ambassador? Or do you have another idea of cooperating with us? Let us know by sending an email to