Kickstarter Update Haiti

Your contribution helped to reach the second stretch goal and made it possible for the creation of a pilot assembly line and work opportunities for local women. Together with the cooperation of Haiti Equipment and Maintenance Services (HEMS), many local women assembled and packaged WakaWaka Lights. It was evident that the women were not only interested in the fabrication, but also in the product itself. Every participant received one WakaWaka for their family. We’re currently assessing the future of large-scale product assembly in Haiti as well as eventual local production of the WakaWaka’s casing. Even the government is excited and has placed a first pilot order! 






These lights are really making an impact, not only in Haiti and at your home, but all around the world. Since the devastating tropical storm, Haiyan, in the Philippines, we’ve been partnering with individuals and organizations for the next Buy One, Give One. WakaWaka Powers provide immediate assistance as well as long-term relief by enabling the survivors to see after dark and to charge their phones to connect with family members elsewhere. In addition, emergency response teams also need a source of light and power to gear up for their relief efforts. The desire is to reach and help as many people as we can, who had little before the tyfoon, and are left with less.