Charity Concert

The concert program includes very diverse classical music; from the Baroque to the twentieth century, but also jazz. Harpist Erik Groenestein, who often plays in Dutch and other European symphony orchestras, plays two well known pieces for harp: the Impromptu by Faure and an adaptation of The Moldau by Smetana. Pianist Myrthe van den Bogaert, who followed lessons at the young talent class of the Tilburg Conservatory and is now a student from Eric Schoones, plays music of Chopin and Brahms.

Together with Eric Schoones, Myrthe will play a couple of duet pieces by Satie, which are also included onn the CD. Gé Bijvoet is a well-known jazz pianist and will play pieces of his own work. Gé teaches at the Conservatory of Utrecht, and he took care of the recording, editing, and mastering of the CD that will be presented. Clarinetist Adri Verhoeven played in the series Domus Chamber Concerts. He is active as a conductor of several orchestras. Together with Eric Schoones he plays the virtuoso clarinet sonata by Leonard Bernstein.

Furthermore music from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Fauré will be played and sang by Gé Bijvoet, Pepijn de Brouwer (both piano), Adri Verhoeven (clarinet), Jill Klinkers (soprano) and Johan Feyen (bass). Annelies Dölle will be present with her painting ‘Lift Off’, which is used for the CD-cover. 

Maurits Groen, one of the founders of WakaWaka, will be present with Princess Joss Umuganwa. Joss Umuganwa is a granddaughter of the last king of Rwanda and fled abroad afther the genocide that took place in the country. Maurits and Joss will give a presentation together about WakaWaka.

The concert will be held on October 27 in ‘De Walnoot’ in Boxtel, The Netherlands [Reginahof 1, Boxtel]. It will start at 14:15 [2.15 p.m.]

Tickets for the concert are €17.50 (including a drink) and can be ordered by transferring the amount due to bank account, attn E. Schoones in Boxtel with your name and email address.

For more information, please visit the website of Eric Schoones [dutch only].

Or see the Poster and watch the video below!