Wakawakas in Mali

The Dogon Women are a group of women, living in West-Mali. These women are supported by the Association Dogon Initiative Mali in local entrepreneurialism. The Association Dogon Initiative Mali supports the women by providing them the tools to execute the initiatives and to develop skills for sustainable development. The organisation also provides leadership-training and counseling and micro-credits to the women, so they can start their own businesses.

The Dogon women for instance produce soap, peal rice and peanuts, make pottery and sell these on the local markets. With the income that is generated by the entrepreneurial activities of the women, their families and eventually the community will benefit. The family can enjoy healthy meals, provide themselves with medical care and education for the children and they can safe money for other times. 




The foundation, Association Dogon Initiave Mali, has ordered 1050 WakaWakas in the past, but now another batch of 1100 WakaWakas is on their way! The WakaWaka Foundation and the Association Dogon Initiative Mali are working together through the WakaWaka Sun Sharing Alliance. With this program the WakaWaka Foundation teams up with other ngos to provide people living in extreme poverty with WakaWaka products so that they can improve their health, safety, school results and labor productivity.


If you would like to know more about the Dogon women, visit their website: www.dogonvrouweninitiatief.nl

For more information about the Sun Sharing Alliance program, please send a message to info@wakawakafoundation.org