Perché investire sulle donne?


Why does WakaWaka invest in women?

For one very important reason: We’re committed to making an investment in the future that pays dividends for generations, not to provide one-off subsidies or donations.

If you’re looking to make a multi-generational impact for the world’s poor, investing in women has proven to be the most effective method. Not only do women have the highest influence on the living conditions of the family due to their child-rearing role…

Women also invest 90% of their earnings in their families, compared to only 30-40% invested by men in their families.[1]

The result is that when women earn, more funds are funneled to important family needs, such as health, education, and stablity.

  • Educated women armed, are the secret weapon in fighting hunger and illness, and are proven to have healthier families[2]

  • Empowered women have more highly educated children

Our Micro-Entrepreneur Program provides resources and opportunities for women to participate in, negotiate with, influence, and control institutions that affect their lives, thereby ensuring financial security. Our aim is to establish social change and the autonomous growth of women in the public sphere through initial investments of WakaWakas.

The result is long-term, economic empowerment.

The monies and start-up inventory we offer are transformed by our partner organizations into revolving funds. Income generated by micro-entrepreneurs through WakaWaka sales is used to buy new WakaWaka products. These revolving funds make it possible for solar solutions – and their resultant economic empowerment – to spread autonomously.

Find out more about our work with nonprofits that are are empowering women around the world:

Every purchase of a WakaWaka Power fuels this economic ecosystem to let you be part of the movement to empower women and end energy poverty in our lifetime!

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[2] Source: Research by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)