Women empowerment

This Thursday, July 23, the release of a new book about women entrepreneurs has been announced. The book “Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories from Emerging Economies and Developing Countries” offers an insight in the success stories of women entrepreneurs from all over the world. More than twenty stories on women who have overcome societal and economic barriers to establish successful businesses are gathered in this inspiring book!

The book includes case studies from various industries and countries. From a Mexican television personality, to a Turkish organic textile company founder, all case studies show the stories of women, who successfully made a real difference.

The WakaWaka Foundation also believes in the change that women entrepreneurs can make! We donate WakaWaka products as ‘starting capital’ to women micro entrepreneurs, who sell these products to individuals at the bottom of the pyramid through micro loan installments. Through this program we kick-start economic development, teach entrepreneurialism, and alleviate energy poverty for those who need it most!

Trade, not aid, is the solution for women in developing areas. The Micro Entrepreneurs program has two beneficial sides. On the one hand, we train entrepreneurs and help making the local economy grow in a sustainable way. We aim to not only donate the WakaWaka as a starting capital but also at providing vocational training for future WakaWaka entrepreneurs. Secondly, we make solar solutions available for consumers who are unable to pay the total price in one go. By asking people to pay a small amount of money every week or month until the product has been fully paid we can really reach those at living at the bottom of the pyramid.

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