Power Feedback

Hundreds of brand new WakaWaka Power owners helped us better understand their experience by providing feedback via our TestTeam page. This input is greatly appreciated! The feedback form is still open and after completion you will recive a discount of 10% on everything we offer through the WakaWaka Webshop!


 Here’s some of what people have already told us about their new solar charger and lamp:

This device is remarkable.
– Male, USA, age:20-35, overall satisfaction: very satisfied 

I just received it a couple of days ago so my usage has been a little limited but from what I’ve seen it works great. The light is pretty strong I didn’t expect it to be that intense, also like that it has an SOS feature. Even the waterproof pouch is great and really secure. I plan on buying more for family members to have in case of emergency.
– Male, Canada, age:35-50, overall satisfaction: very satisfied

A high quality product. I am very happy with the device and with the mission that prompted its development. Good work!
– Male, USA, age:50-65. overall satisfaction: very satisfied 

Although the reason for purchase was a combination of social mission and device, I would not have purchased it if I thought the product wasn’t excellent.
– Female, The Netherlands, age:35-50, overall satisfaction: very 

I like the click’s as the unit opens it makes it feel more solid.
– Male, USA, 35-50, Overall satisfaction: very satisfied 

This is one of the most remarkable products i’ve used in a very long time. Its light and carries enough juice to full charge my iPhone 5. Its great and it gets me excited about the potential of solar power and solar panels. I’m also glad that i was able to provide Haitians with power by buying this product.
– Male, USA, age:NA., overall satisfaction: very satisfied

I plan to use my WakaWaka Power as an emergency backup when power goes out. I live in the country so the light is wonderful for getting around outside in the dark to check on the animals. We have abundant sunshine here in Wyoming so I am excited by most solar devices. And the idea of supporting those in areas without electricity touches my very soul. Thank you for this ingenious product.
– Female, US, age:65+, overall satisfaction: very satisfied

I was surprised at how bright the lamp was. Almost too bright until I read the directions on how to change brightness.
– Male, USA, age: 20-35, overall satisfaction: very satisfied

Nothing but love for the concept, company, and product! Keep making them smaller, more powerful, aaand fully waterproof!
– Male, USA, age:20-35, overall satisfaction: satisfied satisfied 

So far, I think it’s a wonderful device and appears to do everything you’d said it was designed to do.
So glad that people less fortunate than me will have a quality light/charger to help make life easier. 
– Male, USA, age:50-65, overall satisfaction: very satisfied

great little device, I’m already using it.
– Male, Canada, age:35-50, overall satisfaction: very satisfied



Antoher great way of recieveing the the feedback on the WakaWaka Power is via our social media channels. Below is a slection of some post on tiwtter. We absolutly LOVE getting the pictures and stories of unboxing and usage! Keep them comming! 




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