Start Haiti Campaign

Wow, we can’t believe it but within the last three days we almost hit our targets on both crowdfundingplatforms! On we have reached 90% now and on the Dutch platform an amazing 265%. We have already extended our goal on OPC from 25.000 to 100.000 euro’s. In total our crowdfunders pledged more than 100.000 dollars, which is more than we expected to fund within a month!

This means that already more than 1500 families in Haiti will receive a WakaWaka Light to brighten up their lives. But we’re not there yet! To let us light up the total of 75.000 families with a WakaWaka Light we need your help!

Spread the WakaWaka message to all your friends and family and let’s light up Haïti together!


For the Netherlands:

For the US/global: