Virtual Grid

An Update from Rwanda

In this update we want to share both the results and experiences from this groundbreaking pay-as-you-go solar project in Rwanda.

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Virtual Grid launched in Rwanda!

WakaWaka's prepaid solar power is now available in Rwanda! The prepaid WakaWaka gives off its light and power through weekly payments, much like a prepaid mobile phone. Weekly payments mean low upfront costs and easy access to solar power. 

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Recognition for Good Industrial Design

WakaWaka’s prepaid solar product designed by Stereo Design, the WakaWaka Power - Virtual Grid, was recognized for its Good Industrial Design at the 28th GIO awards ceremony hosted by Design Link. 

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Launching the Virtual Grid

FMO invests EUR 600,000 in WakaWaka’s Virtual Grid (VG) Pilot: our innovative prepaid system for light and power in Rwanda.

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New Energy Venture in Rwanda: the Virtual Grid

WakaWaka will enter the Rwandan solar market this fall to pilot a new pay-as-you-go energy service, the Virtual Grid. 

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