How to Create a Winter Emergency Survival Kit

The East Coast of the United States is still digging out from Winter Storm Jonas, which was dubbed the Storm of the Century by some and Snowzilla by others.

The US National Weather Service issued a strong weather advisory:




With power outages that left thousands of families without electricity, the WakaWaka Power+ solar flashlight and smartphone charger was an indispensable part of many families’ winter survival kit. Because the power lines might go down, but the sun will come out tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

With our increasingly unpredictable climate, there is no better time than NOW to prepare for the next storm.


Here are some essentials for creating your own Winter Emergency Survival Kit:


  • WakaWaka Power+ flashlight and smartphone charger

  • Smartphone

  • Portable radio or television with USB cord

  • Extra food, water and medicine

  • First aid supplies

  • Emergency heat source

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Plug into the Sun for Light and Power


Safe. Sustainable. Solar. Whether you’re a business traveler battling other travelers for that elusive outlet at the airport; a busy mom or dad running out of juice on the field while shuttling the kids to their third extracurricular activity of the day; or a modern-day explorer, urban, suburban or way (way) off the beaten path, the WakaWaka Power+ allows you to plug into the sun for light and power.


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