WakaWaka wins Dutch Crowdfunding Awards 🏆

Yesterday the biggest Crowdfunding event of Europe was held in Europe: Crowdfunding Day 2015. Thanks to our Agents of Light, WakaWaka has won the Audience Favourite Award at the Dutch Crowdfunding Awards.

Crowdfunding is at the core of our success here at WakaWaka. For young innovative start-ups it is almost impossible to get commercial investments from banks. And for a social enterprise where the impact is more important that how much profit you make it is even more difficult.

In our last four crowdfunding campaigns a community was created of investors, early adopters and ambassadors that believe in our mission. Here at WakaWaka we call them Agents of Light and it is this crowd that made it possible for WakaWaka to have such a great impact on people all over the world. Thanks to those Agents of Light we won the Audience Favourite Award at the Dutch Crowdfunding Awards.

We would like to thank all our Agents of Light; those that have backed us up, those that have voted for us but also those people that needed the WakaWaka Solar light. To you our Agents of Light, we say: Thank You!



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