Ploumen visits Virtual Grid in Rwanda

Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation visited WakaWaka's Virtual Grid in Rwanda yesterday at the Base market in the Rulindo district. 

After a short introduction to the Virtual Grid concept by Raouf Saidi, Managing Director of WakaWaka Rwanda, the Minister spoke to both a recent client of WakaWaka—who explained how the device will benefit both her and her children—and a local WakaWaka dealer.

WakaWaka's prepaid solar power service launched in Rwanda just two weeks ago. The prepaid WakaWaka works through weekly payments, much like a prepaid mobile phone. This means low upfront costs and easy access to solar power. The results: children can study at night, no fumes from candles and no kerosine burns and the opportunity to earn money by charging phones. Click here for a video of the launch weekend of this groundbreaking campaign. 


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