Recognition for Good Industrial Design

WakaWaka Power - Virtual Grid (VG): a prepaid version of the WakaWaka Power was recognized for its Good Industrial Design. Design Link's 28th GIO awards showcased Dutch designs with an outstanding level of innovation, originality and functionality. 

The Design Link jury panel acknowledged the industrial design of the WakaWaka Power VG, conceived by Stereo Design, in the consumer category. It was chosen along with 58 products and concepts, including product designs from Philips, Heineken and the Rabobank.

The WakaWaka Power VG will revolutionize the use of solar power in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. The prepaid unit uses weekly payments to give easy access to solar power and provides clean and affordable light and power. The WakaWaka Power VG provides light and power after a code has been purchased and entered into the device - much like a prepaid mobile phone. The results: low upfront costs, kids can study longer at night, no fumes from candles and kerosene burning, and the opportunity to earn money with the phone charging capability.

Maurits Groen: “We’re extremely proud of the WakaWaka Power VG and Stereo Design’s dedication to quality. The judge’s appreciation is a great compliment leading up to the product’s launch in Rwanda later this month.”


                              GIO's recognition for the WakaWaka Power VG. 

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