Solar company donates 500 WakaWakas to Uganda

Go Solar - Give Solar
Every customer that switches to solar energy from the electricity supplier Zonline will donate a WakaWaka Light to Uganda. The CEO of Zonline, Frank Goovaerts handed the first 500 donated lights to War Child ambassador Marco Borsato. The Dutch singer has been committed to support the work of War Child since 1998. War Childs mission is to help to raise awareness and support of war affected children globally through local and international initiatives.

Frank Goovaerts on the initiative: ‘The smart WakaWaka Lights work on solar energy and this matches very well with Zonline. At Zonline we are very committed to projects like this and to continue our ‘Rooftop Revolution’  which focuses on a major switch to durable energy. Having electricity and light is very normal for us but there are still a lot of places where this is not the case. War Child is planning to distribute the lights to school-going girls in a project in Uganda. These girls are the most vulnerable for violence and abuse. Thanks to the lights they won’t be in the dark when doing their daily activities like going to school, collecting water or firewood  because they have WakaWakas to provide them with light.’ 

Maurits Groen, Founder of WakaWaka: ‘Worldwide there are still 1,3 billion people without light who are dependant on toxic and dangerous kerosine lamps. The super-efficient WakaWaka is easy to charge with sunlight en makes it very practical and clean!'

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