Philippine kids in the dark

The Philipinne province of Dulag, as so many others, hasn't had electricity since the day typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda struck, November 8, 2014. Save the Children has distributed WakaWaka Lights to 348 children, aged 12-16, all students at the National High School in Dulag, Letye, in the Philippines - so they can do their homework.

Marjulyn, 14: "I'm in grade 8 in the National High School and my favorite subject is math. We all use the light, during dinner, while eating and as I study. We have the solar lamp and candles. It would be totally dark here all night if we didn't have it. The typhoon swept away our house, the only thing that's left is the floor. We took shelter in the toilet, and we're all doing OK. It was me and my older brother, my parents and my grandparents, the six of us. Now we're living in a temporary shelter."


Jamaica, 13: "We got the light three weeks ago (first week of January, 2014) and it is our only source of light. Our house was completely destructed by the typhoon so now we live in a makeshift shed. We are three children, my mom and dad and my maternal grandmother. We are all doing OK. My favorite subject is English, but later on I want to study nursing, so I can help my countrymen and my family. Sometimes I study for long hours in the evenings, I study every night. It falls dark here around 6pm and I go to bed around 8pm. The light changes a lot."


Anton Dale, 13: "We are 7 people living together; two children, my parents and three of my nieces. Our house was partly damaged by Yolanda, but we are all safe. I'm in grade eight and my favorite subject is MAPE: Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health. I study most nights, maybe for half an hour. There is electricity in the main street, but we live far from there. The main electricity line, from the geothermal plant, was cut in the storm. My family is so happy about the light, occasionally we quarrel about who gets to use it. You can also charge mobiles with it. It doesn't cost us anything, we just charge it during the day and you don't even need sunlight for that, only daylight."

Photo's courtesy of Save the Children

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