Testimonial from Lascahobas, Haiti

After using the WakaWaka lights for about 5 months in the village of "Solidarity," in which Lacolline GARR had distributed lamps to thirty families in conjunction with the WakaWaka Foundation, WakaWaka received testimonials from four of these families.

GARR conversed with Gabriella Pierre’s, Merline Desir’s, Gesner Petit-homme’s, and Jodel Deravil’s families who are living in the village. They all declared that the WakaWaka light brings many positive effects in their homes, mainly in regards to economic and security benefits. According to these families, in the village "Solidarity," every family used kerosene lamps before the arrival of WakaWakas. This entailed buying fuel every week to have a little light in the evening. But today, nobody uses the kerosene lamp anymore. It is a good improvement for the families’ economy and less pollution. Every morning, every family has the responsibility to place the lamp in the sun to recharge during the day.


Jodel Déravil’s family shared: "Every week we used to buy about one liter of kerosene which cost the family 60 gourdes ($1.5 USD). This means that every month, 240 gourdes are spent on fuel ($6 USD), limiting our income. Now we save money, allowing us to buy other necessary goods." For other families, the savings have increased up to 300 gourdes per month.

Visitors arriving in the village during the night can see a great light even if the lights are on inside the houses, providing more safety. The village is no longer in the dark as before. Families reported that their children use the lights to study for their lessons at night, something they could not do before. They greatly thank the people who made these lamps because it is a high quality product of great worth.


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