Dutch Solar Design Products in Kenya

Energy provision for Kenyan inhabitants is geared to improve over the coming years due to a recent partnership between four Dutch solar companies. 

During the current Dutch trade mission to Kenya, lead by Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liliane Ploumen, UbbinkVictron Energy B.V.S3C International and Off-Grid Solutions signed the MoU on Dutch Solar Design Products Kenya. In this MoU, Ubbink East Africa (solar panel manufacturer), Off-Grid Solutions (manufacturer of WakaWaka PSL), Victron Energy (manufacturer of oa inverters, charge controllers and solar batteries) and S3C Kenya (full subsidiary of S3C International BV and Kenyan importer, distributor and local supplier) agreed to cooperate in promotion of high quality solar products of Dutch design origin.

These companies have formed the consortium of Dutch Solar Design Products in Kenya to increase the visibility and market position of solar products from Dutch origin in the competitive solar market.

In the past, grid expansion and densification were key policy aims in Kenya. These aims are transitioning towards off-grid electrification programs, where Africa’s abundant sun hours make solar energy an obvious choice.

This partnership aims to address a lack of knowledge regarding available solar solutions as well as reconstructing the market and reputation of solar products following the former surge of low quality merchandise. Further training of solar technicians will ensure proper installation and maintenance, thereby improving the performance of solar systems.

By combining efforts, these Dutch players promote the use of high quality components, high quality systems design and low threshold maintenance. New partners are welcome to join the effort of ensuring that Kenyans living at the Base of the Pyramid have access to high quality solar products.


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