The Impact of Words

Donated WakaWakas have been sent to lighten the worlds of school children, families and individuals in emerging markets. Thanks to the distribution efforts of Bureau Cambium, Minke Minke and the Sairam Foundation, students in Kenya and Nepal are enabled to study after dusk.

These children have sent the WakaWaka community a thank you letter about our impact. Now their inspiring stories teach us the real value of these solar solutions. Discover this yourself by reading the letters students have sent to us!

 “Kerosene lamps and sore eyes were once routine elements of grading student homework,” says Ms. Hombe in rural Africa.  Using the plentiful sun in these areas has extended the hours to study and grade and reduced the health risks associated with the kerosene lamps. For more information on how solar light affects student’s results and a teacher’s job, read the UN’s Africa Renewal article.



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