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of the world's population has been forced to flee from their homes, escaping bombs, torture, executions, natural disasters, violence and persecution.


60 million

There are more refugees and displaced people now than at any other time in recorded history – 60 million – an unceasing flood of humanity without a home.



At least four million people have fled Syria.

More than one million of the
refugees are children
younger than 12.


Meet Ali. In 2011, when Ali was only five months old, a bomb fell and struck his home in Aleppo, one of Syria’s most war-ravaged cities. The blast left him with severe nerve damage that would affect his hearing. Now, after 4 years, his mother Fatima knew that the longer Ali had to wait for surgery, the less likely it would be that his hearing could be restored. “As he gets older, his situation gets worse,” she explained. With time running out, Fatima and her husband decided to risk the sea journey to Europe, where they had heard Ali would have a better chance of getting help. “For four years I fought for my son to come here,” she said. “Nothing will stop me from finishing this mission and helping my son.”

A light in the dark

$25 can supply a WakaWaka to help ensure families are protected through the night.


Sunrise on Lesbos, Greece. Majdy, 15, is an Afghani refugee who went from Iran to Turkey and landed by boat during the night. Wrapped around him is an emergency blanket, as nights are now getting colder and colder. "At the Iran border the police shot at me. I was wounded but I was able to run away. I’m by myself here," Majdy told us. Many refugees who arrive during the night from Turkey stay at makeshift camps at places like Skala beach (above), and then move in the morning to a processing center.

This #GivingTuesday WakaWaka asks you, our Agents of Light, to support the International Rescue Committee’s work
helping to save refugee families in crisis.


In the midst of crisis, matter how far the journey traveled, children will always be our inspiration.

Let’s light the path for the millions who are adrift, without a country or a home.

“We had the feeling of happiness, scared and sad when we arrived – I cannot explain,” recalls Fadi.


We’re entangled in crisis after crisis. tethered to old grids. or living with zero access. Yet the answer is literally all around us.

But it’s also within us. Because if we want to fix our current orbit, we have to start seeing ourselves as the sun sees us: One Human Family.

All Agents of Light.


All photography credited to Tyler Jump/IRC, unless stated otherwise


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