To be Worldwide Ghana

“With the es­cal­at­ing elec­tri­city situ­ation in Ghana many chil­dren do not have ac­cess to light to do
their home­work or read. This sum­mer we launched a pro­gram to ob­tain WakaWaka sol­ar lights
to dis­trib­ute to the chil­dren at the Centre (12-15 years) as their time at school is cru­cial. They are
either trans­ition­ing from primary to sec­ond­ary school or from Ju­ni­or High School to Seni­or High
School and have study for ex­ams to do so. We have been able to ob­tain 150 WakaWaka Sol­ar
lights so far. Thanks to the WakaWaka Sol­ar Lights, our chil­dren can study with elec­tric light dur­ing black­outs and real­ise their full po­ten­tial”