Syrian Refugee Families

Nearly 11 mil­lion of its people have been dis­placed in the Syr­i­an civil con­flict. Many areas have been severely dam­aged or des­troyed by the on­go­ing vi­ol­ence, and re­cent satel­lite im­ages show that 83 per­cent of the coun­try’s lights have gone out since the start of the war. Streets, homes and hos­pit­als have been plunged in­to dark­ness. The In­ter­na­tion­al Res­cue Com­mit­tee provides aid to crisis-af­fected fam­il­ies, both in­side Syr­ia and in the neigh­bor­ing coun­tries. Already, 71,000 WakaWa­kas have been giv­en to Syr­i­an fam­il­ies in need. Your gift en­ables a fam­ily to see, study, cook and safely move about after dark­ness falls without the huge risks and costs of ker­osene, bat­ter­ies or candles.