Stichting Interplast Holland

An im­port­ant part of the Mis­sion of Found­a­tion In­ter­plast Hol­land is Burn Pre­ven­tion. In Uganda the Burn Pre­ven­tion Pro­gram is run­ning suc­cess­fully in the slums since 2011. People in the slums are the poorest in Uganda and live be­low the poverty line (less than $ 1,00 per day). They of­ten don’t have ac­cess to elec­tri­city and use in­stable candles in the bed­rooms dur­ing dark­ness. These candles reg­u­larly set the mos­quito nets and mat­tresses on fire and are the most im­port­ant causes of burns. The WakaWa­kas can now pre­vent this and provide the people in the slums of Kam­pala with safe lights in­stead of candles.