San Marcos

San Mar­cos is a beau­ti­ful lush for­es­ted area in the Span­ish Lookout of Bel­ize. They are however re­mote and have no ac­cess to the elec­tric­al grid. Grid Earth is hand­ing out WakaWaka’s to al­most 40 fam­il­ies in San Mar­cos. This will move the vil­lage 150 years in­to the fu­ture in light­ing.

The sav­ings elim­in­ated by the cost of ker­osene can pay a child’s tu­ition and de­term­ine wheth­er or not they have the op­por­tun­ity to at­tend school. The Grid Earth Pro­ject has fol­lowed the pro­gress of pre­vi­ous vil­lages which have con­ver­ted to sol­ar powered LED light and have seen a marked in­crease in the test scores and read­ing abil­it­ies. Sim­ul­tan­eously, in­jur­ies and breath­ing prob­lems re­lated to the tox­ic fumes have dis­ap­peared.