Rebuilding CAR

The Cent­ral Afric­an Re­pub­lic (C.A.R.) has been in a civil war since 2012. Hun­dreds of thou­sands of people have been dis­placed and have lost everything due to the con­flict. To­geth­er with Cordaid, we will sup­port the vic­tims by donat­ing WakaWa­kas. These WakaWa­kas will be used by fam­il­ies in refugee camps so that people can stay safe at night. WakaWa­kas also help enorm­ously in the re­build­ing of the live­li­hoods be­cause fam­il­ies can be pro­duct­ive at night. Our WakaWa­kas will be in­teg­rated in Cordaids Emer­gency Re­sponse and Re­cov­ery Pro­gram in the Bozoum area.