The chil­dren’s par­ents re­ceive WakaWaka Lights. The chil­dren will be en­abled to do their home­work in the even­ing, thereby drastic­ally im­prov­ing their school res­ults.

“Today is a great day for me, be­cause I re­mem­ber a night that I didn’t have power at home and I was ob­liged to use a candle in my room and I miss lost my house. In fact, when the candle has fin­ished to burn it reached the nap on the table. So, the nap and the table have been burnt…Oh! I cried out and asked help from the neigh­bors..And I was saved by God’s grace and these good neigh­bors who have helped me to turn off the fight. That’s why I feel happy to find this lamp today”.