Light and power to South Sudan

The In­ter­na­tion­al Res­cue Com­mit­tee (IRC) helps people whose lives and live­li­hoods are shattered by con­flict and dis­aster to sur­vive, re­cov­er, and gain con­trol of their fu­ture. After a long and bru­tal war, South Su­dan se­ceded from Su­dan in 2011. the IRC has been one of the largest pro­viders of aid in South Su­dan for over 20 years. Today, as the world’s new­est na­tion is con­sumed by its own civil war, the IRC is provid­ing emer­gency as­sist­ance to more than 800 000 people.

The IRC dis­trib­utes WakaWa­kas to vic­tims of the civil war, so they can have safe and clean light dur­ing dark hours. It also al­lows them to charge their phones so they can stay con­nec­ted with fam­ily and loved once.