International Rescue Committee for Nepal

In co­ordin­a­tion with As­scoi­ation for Aid and Re­lief Ja­pan, The IRC, dis­trib­uted 1000 Wakawaka sol­ar lights & char­gers in the Gorkha Dis­trict.

Case study: Sanu Maya Gurung, 40 years old, is a moth­er of four liv­ing in Saur­e­pani VDC, Gorkha dis­trict.

When the earth­quake hit Nepal in April, Sanu Maya Gurung was farm­ing in the field when she sud­denly felt a hor­rendous shak­ing. On her way home, Sanu stumbled over a large crack in the earth and im­me­di­ately real­ized the im­pact of the earth­quake was. For­tu­nately all her fam­ily mem­bers were safe, but the same could not be said for their home, which had been dev­ast­ated by the quake.Be­fore the earth­quake, nearly half of the house­holds in their vil­lage had ac­cess to elec­tri­city, but now there is no power at all and no one knows when it will come back. “My vil­lage is very far from the high­way and there is no road to ac­cess,” says Sanu. “That is why we were be­hind the as­sist­ance from in­ter­na­tion­al or­gan­iz­a­tions. Even now, we are still strug­gling to rig up our house be­cause of the short­age of ma­ter­i­als. ”She was grate­ful for the WakaWaka light and said that she will now be able to cook in the kit­chen at night. Also she said with smile, “My chil­dren can use this light for study­ing even at night. I will feel very happy to see my chil­dren do their home­work and read the text books in the light. I don’t know how I can ex­press my grat­it­ude to you. Thank you very much.”