Habitat for Humanity in Cambodia

Hab­it­at for Hu­man­ity is an world­wide or­gan­isa­tion that pro­motes the rights of fam­il­ies and com­munit­ies in vul­ner­able situ­ations, by provid­ing hous­ing to im­prove their qual­ity of life. In Cam­bod­ia Hab­it­at for Hu­man­ity has dis­trib­uted 541 WakaWa­kas in three dif­fer­ent provinces: Siem Reap, Bat­tam­bang, and Phnom Penh. The lights are used at night, amongst oth­er activ­it­ies, to study and cook. Ad­di­tion­ally, the WakaWa­kas help the com­munity to charge their phones and save money on bat­ter­ies.